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Introducing the Startup Outlook — Presented by 360iU [REPORT]

May 21, 2012

Today, we’re excited to launch a new project we’ve been working on here at 360i. It’s called the Startup Outlook — a new program chartered to surface the best emerging technologies and startups for brands and to provide marketers with a filter for evaluating them. You can read this month’s report – and sign up to have future reports sent straight to your inbox – by visiting

There are tons of great resources covering the startup space – outlets like TechCrunch, VentureBeat and Mashable to name a few – but despite all the information on hand, brands remain challenged to find a simple and effective means for evaluating partnerships with emerging companies. The Startup Outlook meets two objectives:

1. It provides a brand-friendly framework. Through our Startup Scorecard (pictured below), we’ve presented brands and agencies with a strategic lens through which they should view startups. This qualitative framework is intended to be applicable for all brands – regardless of industry or vertical.

2. It keeps a tireless watch on the startup space. In addition to providing a scorecard, we’ll also be closely monitoring the startup space and selecting the up-and-coming companies with the most potential to help brands innovate in their marketing programs. For Vol. 1 of the report, we’ve assessed the following companies: Immersive Labs, Luminate, QWiPS, Shapeways and Viggle.

If you’re a startup and would like to be considered for a future report, please contact

Read & Download Vol. 1 of the Startup Outlook Report.