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360i Report on SMS (Text Messaging)

SMS was a mobile marketing and communications channel long before anyone ever heard of an iPhone, and usage continues to grow even as sophisticated smartphones swarm the market. In this third POV of our summer-long mobile series, we dive into SMS marketing and outline several best practices for brands looking to engage consumers via text. […]

360i Report on Mobile Search

Search has become the starting point for both consumers and marketers finding their way around the web, and it’s undergoing a rebirth as mobile devices proliferate. Marketers now have more opportunities to meet consumers’ needs exactly when and where their search is conducted. In the second POV of our summer-long mobile series, we take a […]

360i Report: Mobile Marketing Overview

Mobile marketing is on the precipice of becoming a ubiquitous marketing channel. In this first POV in a series, you’ll find ten reasons mobile marketing matters right now, along with an overview of what’s ahead in subsequent editions. By the time the series is done, you’ll discover the trends, case studies and challenges to prepare […]

360i Report on Nielsen and Facebook’s Advertising Effectiveness Study

Nielsen and Facebook recently released a study outlining the positive relationship between paid and earned media on brand awareness and engagement metrics. The study is the first joint research report from the two companies following their September 2009 announcement that they were partnering to develop quantifiable brand-focused measurement for advertisers on Facebook. This white paper […]

360i Report on Facebook’s Social Plugins and Open Graph

Over the course of a few hours at Facebook’s F8 developer conference, the Web became more social. Facebook rolled out its Social Logins and Open Graph across dozens of sites, empowering site owners to make any content on their site more personalized and sharable. 360i Report on Facebook’s Social Plugins and Open Graph