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New POV on HTML Tag for Duplicate URLs

This month, Google, Yahoo and MSN announced their support for a new tag designed to eliminate duplicate URLs for a given Web site in search engine results. The tag marks a select URL as “canonical,” which means that it is the predominant URL for a page, even if there are two or more similar URLs […]

New POV on Social Marketing Strategies for Travel

Some consumers are cutting back on travel and are fickle when it comes to brand loyalty, but this doesn’t mean travel marketers should abandon their attempts to reach out to them. The current environment actually presents a great opportunity for travel brands to take a step back, listen to what consumers are saying about their […]

What’s Next in 2009?

First up, 360i’s David Berkowitz travels to Vegas where he will be speaking at Jeff Pulver’s Social Media Jungle on January 7th and on a mobile Web panel at CES on January 8th. Also this week, 360i releases its first POV of 2009, which takes a look some of the trends we foresee happening across […]

360i Point of View on MySpace’s MyAds & Auction-Based Social Media

Today, 360i released a new Point of View on auction-based social media and MySpace’s new display ad platform. MySpace, the largest social network in the U.S., recently launched an auction-based, self-service display ad platform for advertisers. The platform gives marketers new targeting options to complement other opportunities across social networks. These POVs are delivered regularly […]

New POV on Social Shopping

Today 360i released a new Point of View on social shopping, an increasingly popular activity where consumers to interact with, browse, and potentially buy products while connecting with friends, peers, or social networks’ communities. The social component can be low-involvement, such as allowing consumers to publicly display their favorite items, or high-involvement, such as matching […]