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360i Report on Social Graph Ad Targeting

September 8, 2009

Social graph ad targeting is a way for marketers to target consumers based on who they’re connected to within online social networks.

Marketers often run campaigns that target consumers based on their age and gender (demographic), where they live or happen to be at the moment (geographic), what they’re viewing on a Web page (contextual), what Web sites they’ve visited and what they do there (behavioral), or what keywords they’re entering in a query box (search engine marketing). With social graph ad targeting, it’s now possible to target consumers based on their associations with each other.

This type of marketing targets consumers based on their social graph, or the map of who they’re connected to – and it can happen several ways:

  • Within a social network
  • Across social networks
  • Across publishers

The following 360i report includes an overview of this type of ad targeting, reviews notable vendors in the space and addresses the key questions marketers should ask when considering running such advertising.

360i POV on Social Graph Ad Targeting