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Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Go Beyond Search at 360i Summit

September 17, 2009

Speakers at 360i's Digital Marketing Summit

We’ve got some heavy hitters on stage for the panel Beyond the ‘Big 3’ – Going Beyond Search:

  • Patrick Harris, Director of Agency Sales, Microsoft
  • Penry Price, VP, Global Agency & Industry Development, Google
  • Bill Wise, SVP, Platforms, Yahoo!
  • Moderator: Abbey Klaassen, Digital Editor, Advertising Age


They launched this thing called Bing. It’s around its 90-day birthday. Aspires to be big.

25% of search users hit back button immediately upon going to landing page from search.

Spoke about proposed 10-year deal. Not much they can share.

Social search innovation: real-time Twitter results from celebs, popular news topics.

Bing & Ping – share search results via Facebook, Twitter, email. Facebook uses Facebook Connect.

Visual Search – on-demand virtual catalogue. Uses Microsoft Silverlight. Focus is for selected categories like movies, shopping, cars, pro sports players, travel


Competition’s a good thing. “Very nice presentation” from Microsoft.

The world’s changing – it’s much more of a real-time world.


  • Mobile search growth following desktop trends – must prepare for this. Anticipates mobile being a huge part of the future.

User/Ad Innovation – key levers

  1. Targeting
  2. Ranking
  3. Promotion
  4. Disabling
  5. Format (focus today) – Site Links in a search ad to drive users deeper, or pa product catalog within ad units


Bill mocks the other panelists for sticking with search, especially since Yahoo’s focus is so much more beyond search.

“There’s an attribution problem” – need to think about where we influnce behavior and give credit to conversion. When search combined with display campaigns.

  • Exposure to display ads lifts search activity by 155%
  • Lifts conversions by 22%
  • Increased purchases by 244% online, 89% offline

Search anywhere, retarget everywhere – can remarket to consumers within 15 minutes