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How Brands Can Prepare for the Top Level Domain Land Rush — A Report from 360i

At a recent ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) board meeting, the group proposed a new program that would open up an endless world of domain naming, allowing organizations to operate new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) registry. The radical change will launch the world’s domains beyond our current gTLDs (21 total, including […]

In-Store Inventory Status through Google Product Search Now Empowering Retail Consumers

According to eMarketer, this year, 46% of retail sales will be influenced by the web – but more than 90% of total retail transactions will take place in stores, from small neighborhood boutiques to national chains. These statistics set the stage for Google’s latest announcement that the engine will now display in-store product inventory status […]

No Search Standout, a Moment in the Sun Will Evaporate RockMelt

Video: RockMelt overview RockMelt is a fitting name for the new web browser that is rolling out this week. It will be hard to get anyone to use it, and the hype will disappear overnight. I haven’t seen such an apt moniker for a product since I watched the show “Bored to Death.” The browser […]

Bing Search: A Little Help from My Friends

Since the joint announcement a few weeks ago, I’ve been returning to Bing Search daily, hoping to get a glimpse of the new Facebook integration. I’m normally a Google user, yet the idea of taking my friends along with me during search discovery just seems natural, if not logical.  And, while I’m probably the exception […]

360i Report: How the Social Landscape Will Change Search

360i Point of View on How the Social Landscape Will Change Search Overview At 360i, we have long been speculating on the unavoidable contribution of social relevance to search. The recent Bing announcement is confirmation that the intrinsic value of social context that Facebook holds is going to improve and expand what we view as […]