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360i Report: The Bing-Yahoo! Search Alliance & PPC

360i Point of View on The Bing-Yahoo! Search Alliance & PPC Overview Many advertisers have been asking the same question since the Search Alliance was announced in July 2009: “What does this mean for the ROI on my search campaigns?” Answering this question is difficult, if not impossible. The Search Alliance has many hidden complexities. […]

What the Bing-Yahoo! Alliance Means for Your PPC Campaigns – A Report from 360i

Since July 2009, when Microsoft and Yahoo! announced that they would be moving forward with the Search Alliance (read 360i’s original POV on the announcement), marketers have been wondering how the integration of Yahoo!’s Panama platform into Microsoft’s adCenter would affect the ROI of their paid search campaigns. Answering this question is difficult,  as the […]

Yahoo! Unveils Web & Mobile Search Enhancements

This week Yahoo! made some key changes to its search interface that the company says is just the first in a series of advancements that will bring searchers more content – and more “entertainment” in one central place. As Mashable’s Stan Schroeder noted on, the updates give Yahoo! a more curated feel, suggesting to […]

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Dish on Integrated Solutions for Reaching Customers across Online Landscape

Mitch Spolan, VP of North American Field Sales & Advertising Agencies, Yahoo There’s display, content and search. What if we leveraged all the screen space, told a story, and made an emotional connection? The idea’s not far from Tim Armstrong’s point that only 18% of online space is used for content. In this case, the […]

Google Instant Brings Results with Each Keystroke — But For Now, Won’t Affect SEO or PPC

Today at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, Google announced a significant user experience update called Google Instant Search which transforms traditional search engine result pages (SERP) from a static list of results to an AJAX powered result set that updates with every keystroke. Similar to the recent integration of social media sites […]