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The SEO Implications of Social Check-in Sites

Business locations have unwittingly joined a world of local social gaming. The use of “check-in” technologies, and buzz around this new kind of social activity has blossomed thanks to the recent growth of sites like Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, MyTown and Brightkite. These are just some of the technologies out there that create social utility and […]

360i Report: Microsoft-Yahoo Search Deal

360i Point of View on the Microsoft-Yahoo Search Deal Overview Microsoft is effectively acquiring Yahoo’’s search business, migrating Yahoo’’s search ad customers to its adCenter platform, and licensing Bing’s search platform back to Yahoo. Yahoo will become the worldwide sales organization for the companies’ premium search advertisers, while from an ad technology perspective adCenter will […]

360i POV on the Microsoft-Yahoo Search Deal — Updated

Yesterday, Microsoft and Yahoo announced that they’ve been cleared to move forward with their much anticipated search partnership, which was initially declared in July. Since the engines now have received “unrestricted” clearance from the U.S. Department of Justice and the European Commission to implement the deal, we’ve revisited our earlier POV and highlighted some of […]

Will Google Slam the Door on ‘Doorway Tweets?’: What Real-Time Search Means for You

Image by moralehazard via Flickr. Hello, Real-time Search If Google’s newest blended results feature is any indication, the rapid pace of search innovations shows no signs of slowing. The feature, dubbed “Latest” by Google, incorporates real-time data sources into search results. Google’s algorithm may trigger this blend of universal search type for any given keyword, […]

Google Gets Real with Streaming Search Results

At Google, it’s high time for real time. The search giant began rolling out updates earlier this week that it says will increase the relevancy and depth of search results. According to Google, the new features “bring search results to life” through a real-time content stream aggregating the most relevant updates from microblogging platforms like […]