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Breaking News: Google Issues for Some Users

Update: According to, New York is back in full swing as of noon Eastern, but “packets are still being lost around the globe.” The outage affected all Google properties, including YouTube, Gmail and Google Analytics. Google SVP of Operations Urs Hoelzle said this afternoon that the outage was the result of a “web traffic” […]

Google Provides Enhanced Search Options, Features

For Searchers Google recently launched a suite of new search options. Googlers will now see a new “Show Options” link after completing a search query. At the moment, it’s a fairly subtle gateway into their additional tools, providing searchers with a way to further segment relevance off an original search keyword. The options available break […]

What’s Next in Search? Mobile – Maybe, Social – Ehh

While I couldn’t fully capture every quote from the panel I moderated at MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit this week, here’s a rough rundown. The panel was Search as We See It, “Search Insiders’ view of the Future: Industry Trends, Challenges and things to keep an eye on.” The panelists included: Ron Belanger, VP, Worldwide Agency […]

Paid Search and Retargeted Display Are Different Media Animals

Though they should work together in a media plan, paid search and remarketing are two different animals (Image via Flickr). There have been a number of recent articles highlighting the impact of retargeting as an effective marketing vehicle. I couldn’t agree more. However, this article in MediaPost with the headline “Ad Retargeting Can Outperform Paid […]

Search 224, Social Media 0: David Berkowitz on His Search Insider Days

It’s time for a short trip five years in the making. This is the 224th Search Insider I’ve written for MediaPost, and most likely my last. As of next week, I’ll be switching over to the Social Media Insider. My first Search Insider was published Friday, July 2, 2004, which was mercifully right before the […]