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Searching For Number One: A Look at Toilet Search Engines

Are search engines for toilets more than just bathroom humor? (Image via Flickr) When you have to go on the go, where do you go? Yes, even the vertical of toilet search engines is rife with competition. There may be some kinds of searches that are more critical, like when you have an emergency need […]

You Can STILL Handle These SEO Truths

Last week, author Rebecca Lieb managed to distill her new book “The Truth about Search Engine Optimization,” from 51 chapters into a single truth. How can she top that? In the continuation of the interview, she first addresses what truth means in this context. Then she tackles the biggest SEO myth. She closes with answering […]

You CAN Handle These SEO Truths

360i and Rebecca Lieb discuss 51 ways to hit hit a home-run with SEO (Image via Flickr). If you’re looking to make sure you’re covering all bases with search engine optimization, a good place to start is Rebecca Lieb’s new book, “The Truth about Search Engine Optimization.” You’ll find 51 truths in this book, covering […]

Google On its Best Behavior

Google’s taking a stab at behavioral, albeit with a bit more disclosure than James Stewart in “Rear Window” (1954). Big news today — Google is getting into Behavioral Advertising. Surprising, considering the search leviathan has never been keen on Behavioral. Not surprising, considering Google Display was being left behind by competitors in the space, including […]

Wolfram Alpha and the Holy Grail of Search

Grail, by Eddi 07 via Flickr Search Insider: Stop! Who would claim to be the Bridge to the Death of Google must answer me these questions three. What is your name? Search Engine: Today, call me Wolfram Alpha. I was previously known as Microsoft, Powerset and Cuil. Search Insider: What is your quest? Search Engine: […]