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One Search, 17 Ways

Penny, via Wikipedia After the Consumer Electronics Show this month, where I met with the executives from Ford and heard about their ambitious voice search plans, I kept wondering how the ability to conduct voice searches from their cars will change how people search, communicate, access information, and drive. It then made me wonder about […]

Have You Driven a Search Engine Lately?

You may be used to using your phone as a search engine, and you’ve seen ideas for years about your TV serving as a search engine, but have you thought about your car as a search engine? The idea had occurred to me before. Fittingly, the last section of my final column of 2008 noted […]

Search Trends To Watch In 2009

Between the economy affecting stock prices and the potential mergers and acquisitions discussed among several of the major search engines, there is a lot of uncertainty as we head into 2009. Yet we can anticipate several shifts in search based on what we’ve seen over the past decade and other signs in the media ecosystem. […]

A Whopper of a Missed Opportunity from Burger King

Image by renaissancechambara via Flickr Imagine you go around the world spending months shooting footage for a campaign. Then you spend millions on a media buy that includes blanketing primetime TV and Sunday football games. You create a microsite with high quality video that’s the centerpiece of the entire campaign. And then, for a huge […]

So Over Google

Image via CrunchBase At MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit last week in Park City, Utah, some attendees were frustrated over the economy, and most people were frustrated by the lack of snow. Yet the biggest source of frustration seemed to be Google. It came up during a panel early on Friday specifically about Google. It also […]