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Do We Need Another…

It often seems like there’s zero correlation between how much a technological innovation matters and how much press it receives. Take Cuil, for example. The search engine’s launch was such a spectacular flameout that it may well go down as a verb. “What happened to that Eddie Murphy movie that was supposed to win him […]

Mr. Freeze to Cuil: Chill Out!

Yesterday the buzz around Cuil was amazing. I got the press release around 12:30am Monday, and it was something that I thought sounded interesting, so I exchanged a couple emails with the PR contact, but there was nothing pressing about it. The headline, “Cuil Launches Biggest Search Engine on the Web,” was overblown at best, […]

Google-Yahoo! Partnership Advertiser Pricing Impact

Yesterday, 360i’s sister company SearchIgnite released a first of its kind empirical study on the potential pricing impact of the proposed Yahoo-Google search partnership on keyword prices for marketers on the Yahoo! platform. The study concludes that keyword prices on Yahoo! may increase by an average of 22%, assuming Yahoo! pursues a profit maximization strategy. […]

The Customization Conundrum

How can you go wrong with offering your customers new ways to customize their experience? Once again, a Web giant is learning that customization isn’t a panacea. Earlier this week, in my last Search Insider for the time being, I reviewed the challenges Yahoo will face with its new SearchMonkey program, in which publishers create […]

SearchMonkey Apes the Chicken Co-Op

Yahoo SearchMonkey is finally here. It’s one of the most important developments affecting search engine optimization, and one that can vastly improve the search experience for users. It could be the most significant, revolutionary, unique search development this year. Yet in its current form, hardly anyone will use it. In another entry in Yahoo’s “God […]