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Google Debuts Google+ Local with Strong Emphasis on Social

In an effort to increase use of its social network and place more emphasis on local search, Google has revamped Google Places by integrating it into Google+. The new offering, called Google+ Local, is actually the culmination of several recent Google shifts and acquisitions, and will solidify Google’s domination in the local search marketplace, while ...

Google Gets Smart with ‘Knowledge Graph’ — 4 Takeaways for Marketers

Google has launched an update to its search engine, called the ‘Knowledge Graph,’ which will soon roll out to users on desktop, tablet and smartphones. TechCrunch calls it “one of the most ambitious and interesting updates” to the engine as of late. Knowledge Graph represents an innovation in semantic search, as Google will begin delivering information ...

Bing Announces Social Updates to Search Results

Last week, Bing announced the most significant update to its platform since its launch three years ago, by introducing a new social structure to its search results. Microsoft has had the jump on Google for quite some time now when it comes to privileged social data, winning both the Twitter fire-hose deal and enjoying a ...

Introducing 360iTIGER, a First of its Kind SEO & Social Analytics Technology

Today, we released 360iTIGER, a powerful cloud-based technology that automatically gathers website data, such as titles, meta tags, tweets, Facebook likes and more, directly into a cloud-based document with the click of a button. You can download a free limited version of 360i’s enterprise technology offering at 360iTIGER addresses a core pain point that ...

Google Brings ‘Your World’ to Search, Infusing Results with Data from the Social Graph

Google has rolled out a new “Search, plus Your World” product that places Google+ content from a person’s social graph higher in its search engine results pages. This marks a major change in the way people experience search within the world’s most popular engine: everyone logged in with a Google account (such as Gmail), will ...