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Digital News Roundup: Feb. 26, 2010

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Here’s your look at some of the week’s top stories in digital.

Google Now Indexing Facebook Page Updates in Real-Time Search

On Thursday Google announced that it has begun including Facebook Page updates into real-time search results. For now, the Facebook updates will come only from Pages (largely managed by brands, businesses and public figures) – of which there are about 3 million, according to TechCrunch. Google first debuted its real-time search functionality in December, when it began aggregating and displaying tweets within its search results.

So, what does the news mean for marketers? For one, brands with active Facebook pages could benefit from keyword-rich status updates. In addition, as Google’s Universal algorithm includes “Latest News” on a brand’s relevant keywords, they might consider joining the conversations during those opportune windows. Finally, the aggregation of Facebook updates within Latest News grants greater visibility to a marketer’s Facebook presence, and can therefore lead to increased Page traffic and fans.

Eyeblaster: Strong Synergies Exist Between Search & Display

A new study by Eyeblaster that analyzed cross-channel search and display campaigns found that while nearly a quarter of conversions came after a customer saw a search ad only, a solid 5% were from the combined impact of search and display. Reports eMarketer: “Almost one-fifth of the 28% of users who converted after search had seen at least one display ad as well.”

The report notes that while search attracts prospective customers further in the purchase funnel, display can function “at all stages of the funnel.” Digital marketers running cross-channel digital programs across both search and display can reap profound benefits from a robust attribution strategy that uncovers overlap and steers new strategies when it comes to budget considerations. For more information read SearchIgnite’s whitepaper on Cross-Channel Measurement & Attribution.

Citysearch Ties Twitter Buzz to its Local Business Directories

Citysearch – a digital hotspot for all things local biz – has begun building a “definitive directory” of Twitter accounts and chatter about local businesses, according to TechCrunch. Currently, there are about 5,000 listings in the new directory – a small slice of 15 million businesses within Citysearch’s broader listings. You can check out this new feature on each city page as a widget box that aggregates tweets from and about local businesses.

As Citysearch’s Kara Nortman noted in TechCrunch, the widget box changes the nature of the site’s reviews function, as it makes customer feedback “more immediate” and therefore more “relevant.” For brands, this move by Citysearch highlights the increasing power of real-time engagement and the blurring lines between CRM and social media.

New Report Explores Social Media Usage at Fortune 100 Companies

Global PR shop Burson-Marsteller has released a comprehensive report on how Fortune 100 companies are leveraging social media. B-M found that globally, 79% of all Fortune 100 companies are using at least one social media platform – including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs. Of all social channels, Twitter was most popular among this group: two-thirds have at least one Twitter account, and those that do average 4.2 accounts apiece.

Other findings:

  • More than half of Fortune 100 companies have a Facebook Page
  • 50% have one or more YouTube Channels
  • 20% utilize all four social channels

You can read B-M’s full report on Slideshare.