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Draw Something Branded: 3 Integration Ideas for Marketers as App Growth Skyrockets

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If there’s anything bigger than Zynga’s most recent purchase, it’s the price tag that accompanied it. Just last week, the social gaming giant swallowed OMGPOP for $180 million. But why the splurge? Two words: Draw Something.

OMGPOP’s social illustration game (like Pictionary with Facebook!) for iOS and Android has earned its fair share of handheld face time over the past few weeks for its skyrocketing number of downloads. The recent success can be attributed to WOM and the existing OMGPOP community, as the CEO cites no press coverage for the launch.

The staggering stats are hard to believe: 20MM daily active users in just seven weeks alone and 37MM app downloads – making it the #1 app in 85 countries worldwide. And its users are beyond prolific, producing 3 billion drawings so far, with 1 billion produced in the last week alone at a rate of 2,000 drawings per second.

As with any ripple on the interactive trend watch, a marketer must ask whether or not a platform like this is appropriate for their brand and pursue only those opportunities which align with brand strategy. However, if you have an established, recognizable brand and/or a broad audience, you may want to consider the following creative opportunities Draw Something has to offer:

1. Drawing integration: At the start of every round, players have the option to illustrate one of three drawing choices. In this sense, the current brand integration on Draw Something is reasonably seamless and relevant, whether paid for or not.


For last weekend’s cinematic release of the box office monster Hunger Games, users noticed the introduction of characters and scenes to the game.  When tasked to draw Apple products, music artists, or other goods, users are rewarded for their interpretation of the subject through an in-app currency. While the exact terms of the Hunger Games and other integrations are not public, it’s not unreasonable to anticipate that “sponsored drawings” will emerge as a Draw Something fixture in the future.

2. Sponsor a Palette: Draw Something currency is used to claim new colors for your paint palette. For brands with recognizable palettes this could present a fun way to bring the brand’s canvas to life.

3. Influencer Support: With some celebrity brands (see Demi Lovato, Deena from MTV’s Jersey Shore, and Rosie O’Donnell) now starting games on Draw Something, marketers have the ability to pepper in some influencer opportunity on the game, opening the door for more integrated participation.


As the new ownership continues to develop the game, we anticipate more seamless branding opportunity on Draw Something. According to Mashable, Zynga has plans to enhance Draw Something through features like in-game chat and the ability to save images. There are also rumors that Zynga wants to make the drawings more sharable, providing opportunities to send them over to Twitter and Facebook. Update: On April 18 the app added in-game chat and social sharing functionality (more via The Guardian).

For now, be sure to keep this app on your radar as Zynga cultivates the game. Until then, I dare you to add me on a game!