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Can you make me something that goes viral? And…uhm…can you do it for free?

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While you can’t predict virality, you can set certain marketing principles in place to increase your odds. BL Ochman just published a fantastic story in BusinessWeek online debunking six social media myths. If you’re looking to explain how social media works to your boss or your colleagues, this is a fantastic starting point.

Social media marketing isn’t like traditional media planning. It’s not a “buy” – it’s an experience and a two-way conversation. BL does an excellent job explaining that, which can lead marketers to realize that this needs serious attention and should be planned holistically across media, creative, PR, through the lens of understanding the way consumers engage in social media today.

Some great case studies of how we’ve done that for brands like H&R Block, Paramount, NBC and Ralph Lauren can be found in on our web site. Or view the presentation from the IAB Agency Summit entitled “Answering Demands to ‘Go Viral.'”

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