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Making Sense of Social Media Analytics through Key Conversation Indicators

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Measuring the success of social programs is one of the biggest challenges facing marketers today. Which metrics should brands use to measure success? And how do these metrics tie back to broader marketing objectives? Yesterday at SMX East, David Berkowitz shared his insights on these issues as an expert on the Analytics for Social Media panel. David, our Senior Dir. of Emerging Media & Client Strategy, explained how marketers can use Key Conversation Indicators (KCIs) to meet and measure their online goals.

David’s full presentation is embedded below, but here are some key takeaways:

  • KCIs measure online buzz and establish social marketing metrics around brands and campaigns.
  • KCIs measure social engagement and expression of opinion – not merely actions.
  • KCIs can be leveraged to create brand health scorecards and inform persona development.
  • Marketers should also look at where conversations are occurring and how many people they’re reaching.

To learn more about social marketing analytics, see Chapter 7: Keeping Score in our Social Marketing Playbook.