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Social Marketing Playbook, Published by 360i

June 9, 2009

Thanks for checking out our Social Marketing Playbook! As a follow-up to our popular social guide, we’ve recently released a Mobile Marketing Playbook which is full of insights into the rapidly evolving mobile space.

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360i Social Marketing Playbook

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Marketing used to be different – a lot different. Today, brands are faced with a myriad of opportunities for reaching customers online; and, while the social landscape can be daunting, it holds a world of opportunities for connecting with consumers in deeper and more meaningful ways.

To help guide marketers during this exciting time of transition, we’ve published the Social Marketing Playbook. Our comprehensive strategic report aims to help marketers evaluate the opportunities available, determine which ones are best for their brands and develop a strategy following best practices for achieving success in social media.

The goals of the Playbook are to:

  • Provide a framework for establishing a set of clear objectives and strategy when approaching social marketing
  • Move beyond the checklist approach and offer a filter for evaluating the myriad opportunities and platforms
  • Encourage thinking of social marketing as an opportunity to have a continuous, valuable exchange with customers
  • Advance discussions on amplifying marketing results through the integration of social marketing and offline campaigns

In addition to leveraging the insights from contributors to this blog such as David Berkowitz, Sienna Farris, Shankar Gupta, Lara Hejtmanek, Katie Perry and Orli Sharaby, the Playbook also includes guest commentary by industry luminaries Randall Rothenberg (CEO of the IAB), Pete Cashmore (CEO of, Jeremiah Owyang (Blogger at, Jeff Pulver, (Founder of and Producer of The 140 Character Conference) and Greg Galant (CEO of Sawhorse Media and Creator of the Shorty Awards).

In vein with the interactive nature of social marketing, we invite you to leave questions, comments and other feedback right here on our blog, or leave us a note @360i or on Facebook.