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RFTweet: Current Tweets a Curveball with RFP Twist

April 27, 2009
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We’d thought we’d seen it all on Twitter – a proposal, the movements of an unborn child, a plant indicating its own thirst (kind of) and a 7’1” man named Shaq somehow navigating the tiny keys of a mobile device to update his status more than 1,200 times. Well, now marketers can add one of their own to the social media sideshow.

Adweek’s Brian Morrissey reported last Thursday that the Current Network has become first brand ever to solicit agencies via Twitter to receive RFPs for its account review. Current, a global satellite and TV network, is on the hunt for a full-service ad agency with a penchant for social marketing. Jordan Kretchmer, VP of Brand for Current, explained the ideal agency as one that can represent his brand in a “compelling, inspiring, and even controversial” way.

In another twist (what is this, The Bachelor?), Current has instructed agencies to post their responses publicly. The brand has received several tweets of interest so far, and a flurry of others is sure to come before tonight’s 11 p.m. Eastern deadline. Some hopefuls are sticking to a simple 140-character note, while others have linked to tailor-made creative, original videos and robust portfolios showcasing their prior client work.

Full disclosure: 360i is very much in this race. And by the way, we think it’s an awesome idea. Current wants an agency on its side that not only “specializes” in social media – but one that lives it as well. Current also wants an agency that, much like itself, is not afraid to veer from convention. One of the most powerful features of social marketing is the immense opportunity it provides for the Big Idea. Bold moves have the potential to thrive in the online world, but they can also flop. That’s why experience and and a sharp strategy are crucial to the success of any social marketing campaign – especially those of the more brazen persuasion.

Check out 360i’s response at and learn more about our presence on several social networks at

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