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SXSo Far: 10 Top Takeaways from Austin

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The rain has finally cleared up in Austin and Team 360i is ready for the second leg of SXSW. Below is a recap of some of the top takeaways thus far. Follow us for the next few days at for even more conference coverage.

  1. If last year’s SXSW buzzword was “cloud-based,” and the year before that was “location-based,” this year’s is definitely “transmedia.” 360i client Bravo said that cross-platform storytelling was at the heart of the network’s recent Top Chef campaign, which made the show the most streamed program in NBCU history. On deck for Bravo? A social media game built around the popular Real Housewives series. [How Transmedia is Changing TV]
  2. If there’s a Top Chef winner within a 30 mile radius, our David Berkowitz will find him. Then he’ll give a great presentation on the future of mobile payments.
  3. Since digital is such a powerful mechanism for storytelling, it’s no surprise that the stories of athletes – a perennial focus during the Olympics – will be paramount during London 2012. Look for new and exciting ways to connect with your favorite teams and athletes come July. [Priming Audiences for a Truly Social Olympic Games]
  4. The man behind Lil Wayne’s social media coup that quickly dethroned our client Oreo during the brand’s innovative record-setting event last spring is apparently a huge fan of 360i. Who knew? [Meet the Man Behind Lil Wayne’s Digital Strategy]
  5. Gamification is an important piece of the Foursquare puzzle – but it’s not at the center of CEO Dennis Crowley’s vision these days. In a keynote address, Crowley said he wants people to see the platform’s powerful ability to deliver relevant information about places you go – beyond just offering badges and rewarding check-ins. Foursquare now has nearly 20MM users. [Making the Real World Easier to Use]
  6. The law might not be the most exciting thing for a community manager to consider, but it’s an increasingly important one as content curation takes new shapes on platforms like Pinterest. There are four main factors courts look at when making a call on what’s covered (and not covered) by the Fair Use Act. [Social Media & the Law]
  7. When life gives you lemons, distribute branded ponchos and umbrellas.
  8. Innovative filmmaker George Lucas borrowed several themes and individual shots from movies that preceded Star Wars, such as the classic Western “The Searchers.” Original doesn’t have to mean that your idea or content is unprecedented; it could also mean that you took an innovative spin on something that already exists, reincarnating an old idea as something entirely different. Oh, and speaking of Star Wars, someone gave out branded light sabers. [Everything is a Remix, So Steal Like An Artist]
  9. App design and development for touch screen devices should strike a balance between metaphor and tech. For example, apps can carry out a book metaphor by simulating flipping through pages – but if it doesn’t contain some sort of search functionality, you’ve likely taken the metaphor too far. [Tapworthy Touchscreen Design]
  10. Optimizing your advertising efforts for the real-time environment might mean thinking like a news outlet. This is the strategy IKEA employed during its 365 campaign, which churned out a new commercial every day for an entire year. Creative reviews were replaced by “editorial board” meetings so that content could be created and optimized in semi-real time. [Real-Time Newsjacking]

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