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How to Use the CES Marketer Matrix

The Consumer Electronics Show, with its 150,000 attendees and miles of exhibit space, is overwhelming for anyone – even people who have been going for decades. Brand marketers have been paying attention relatively recently and joining in recent numbers, and it can be particularly tough to process what’s relevant for them. To help with that, […]

Ten 2012 Highlights from Bagels and Beer with Berky

At carbohydrate-crazy 360i, a number of us gather every other week late afternoon Wednesday for Beer with Berky and first thing Friday for Bagels with Berky (both abbreviated as BwB). At these sessions, anyone who shows up takes part in discussions about new technologies, media, trends, and industry news, and I – the eponymous Berky […]

5 Start-ups to Watch from Atlanta’s Bustling Tech Scene

The seventh edition of our Startup Outlook report showcases a series of startups based in Atlanta. Back in 1998, 360i was born as a startup in Atlanta, so this month we are proud to feature five startups a peach’s throw from our southern doorstep. Some of the companies here, while fairly new, are already working with […]

Q&A with Humans of New York Creator Brandon Stanton

Simple self-publishing tools and the power of sharing have propelled a new crop of influencers from anonymity to Internet fame. In the BuzzFeed era, smart, socially-powered ideas spread fast. Pair a clever hook with a quick reflex and you’ve got yourself a meme. To explore this growing trend, we’re taking a closer look at the […]

Calling All Startups: Join Our Next Startup Outlook Event

We’re getting ready to host our second Startup Outlook event next Wednesday, Nov. 28, at our NYC headquarters. If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to claim your spot via EventBrite or Meetup, as space is limited. For this event, we’ve hand-picked four of our favorite startups to show us how they are working with marketers to […]