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Google Swiffy Aims to Streamline Mobile Banner Development

Last week brought several big announcements from Google, with most of the buzz coming from the launch of their Google+ social network. On the sidelines, however, Google has released a new tool – called Swiffy – which converts flash files to pure HTML5.

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Social Media Insider: Your Google Plus FAQ

By now, you’ve had a chance to try out Google Plus or read countless posts about it from the lucky thousands or millions or however many have access. If you’re like me, you’ve jumped from one column saying how it’s Google’s best homegrown social service ever (compared to Orkut, Buzz, Wave, Knol and Lively) to the next saying it follows in the footsteps of Google’s other homegrown social services (see Orkut, Buzz, Wave, Knol and Lively). Here’s a Google Plus FAQ.

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Google Launches Expandable Video Units; Early Partners Include Universal Pictures & 360i

Google has begun testing a new paid search ad unit, called Media Ads, which are expandable video units that are guaranteed to appear at the top of the results page. The new units are currently only available to movie studios (360i is a test partner).

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Google Search Algorithm Update: Your Domain to the Nth Power?

Google has rolled out a significant change in their natural search algorithm, announced last Friday.  According to industry bloggers, the new change might be connected to a Google’s patent submitted last May: Query rewriting with entity detection (U.S. Patent 7,536,382). Historically, a Google keyword search (brand or non brand) would only result in a single […]

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Wake Up When Google Bores You

The world may not need a Google-branded social network along the lines of what Google is reportedly building. My fellow columnist Cathy Taylor made that perfectly clear last week. Yet I can offer a barometer to show whether Google will launch a great product: the more boring Google makes it, the better it will be. […]

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