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Zipcar Speeds Into iPhone Territory with New Mobile App

In the social and mobile space, utility is a magic word. Figuring out how to make your customers’ lives easier – and still remain on brand – is like the holy grail. Zipcar, it seems, may have done just that with their new iPhone application, planned for release later this summer. The app, developed in […]

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Portable and Social, Kyte Platform Powers Multimedia Promotion

Last week, Franz Ferdinand (the band, not the Austrian archduke) rocked a crowd of 2,500 during a show at Oakland’s Fox Theater – and then shared exclusive concert footage with even more fans through their branded Kyte channel. Welcome to rock n’ roll 2.0. 360i recently met with Kyte CEO Daniel Graf to discuss what […]

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Searching For Number One: A Look at Toilet Search Engines

Are search engines for toilets more than just bathroom humor? (Image via Flickr) When you have to go on the go, where do you go? Yes, even the vertical of toilet search engines is rife with competition. There may be some kinds of searches that are more critical, like when you have an emergency need […]

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SXSW: Where The Blogger Things Are

Image by Ian Broyles via Flickr From David Berkowitz, Director of Emerging Media & Client Strategy, live from the heart of Texas 360i is out in Austin this week for South by Southwest Interactive (we did mention we’re everywhere). A few notes from the show as it gets underway: The hottest spot: The TechSet / […]

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Ten Reasons to Run Google Ads on the iPhone

Image by Josh Bancroft via Flickr iPhone users love to search almost as much as they love their iFart apps. Earlier this year, Google noted the i Phone drives 50 times the search queries of other mobile handsets. One wonders, then, what took Google so long in offering iPhone targeting through AdWords. Now targeting is […]

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