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Social Media Insider: The Social Side of CES

David Berkowitz scanned the showroom floor at CES to find the latest social media/tech innovations (image via CES). Is the Consumer Electronics Show a social media event? Hardly. Any event that dedicates a few football fields of floor space to iPod accessories isn’t entirely about social. But there is a big social side to it […]

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Social Media Insider: In Search Of Your Booker Moment

Have you shoveled any of your consumers’ driveways lately? Just about everyone but Newark, N.J. Mayor Cory Booker can put their hands down. Booker, savvy enough to get some positive ink for Newark, is not a bad role model for marketers. As Mashable reported yesterday, New Jersey radio show host Ravie Rave (with all of […]

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Social Media Insider: 10 Ways Social Media Changed Our Thinking in 2009

In this week’s Social Media Insider, David Berkowitz lists ten ways social media changed the way we think in 2009. Excellent! All the top trend lists this year have been a blur. There’s lots of talk of Twitter and Michael Jackson, but I wanted to dive deeper and think about what we really learned. In […]

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Cat-Painting A Mobile Social Future

“I’m going to write my next column on Cat Paint,” I told my wife. She asked, “Is it about how you’ve become a twelve-year-old girl?” Perhaps. But in a season of social media breakthroughs and brouhahas — Facebook Connect surpassing 60 million active users, Google and Yahoo rolling out real-time search, Facebook’s privacy overhaul, Twitter’s […]

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100 Ways To Measure Social Media

If there’s anyone out there left who says you can’t measure social media, here are a hundred answers. At most of the events I’ve been to lately, measurement continues to be a hot topic. The first question that comes up is, “What can I measure?” That’s where this cheat sheet can come in handy: a […]

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