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Our Social Marketing Playbook on Your iPad — Learn How

Since the iPad hit stores earlier this week, consumers and marketers alike have been feverishly diving into the far-reaching capabilities of Apple’s newest tech toy. Beyond its ability to blend (iPad-lovers watch at your own risk), the iPad seems primed to have huge effects on the publishing and mobile advertising industries — especially if it […]

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Social Marketing Playbook Now Available for Kindle and iPhone

You can now download and own a Kindle or iPhone-friendly version of 360i’s Social Marketing Playbook (image via Flickr). Last week, Amazon decided to cut the price of its popular e-book reader, the Kindle, by $60 (from $359 to $299). InformationWeek reports that the company is rather tight-lipped about specific sales figures, but claims the […]

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Twitter Contests Take Off

O.A.R. used Twitter to engage fans by inviting them to submit lyrics to @ofarevolution (image by Neek11 via Flickr). Contests and giveaways are becoming a popular way for many marketers to help create buzz for their presence on Twitter. Depending on your company’s goals, these promotions can be extremely effective ways to add followers or […]

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The Social Marketing Playbook Quiz – Are You Game?

We published the Social Marketing Playbook with the hope that it would be widely read and shared among people with a genuine interest in and passion for social marketing. To date, nearly 15,000 50,000 of you have downloaded the Playbook! Whether you came across the Playbook from our blog, from Twitter — or perhaps in […]

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360i Talks Social Marketing Playbook with Brandweek Editor

360i created Social Marketing Playbook to help marketers navigate the social landscape and execute a slam dunk strategy for their brands (image via Flickr). Brandweek editor Todd Wasserman recently interviewed Sarah Hofstetter following the release of our Social Marketing Playbook. In the interview, Wasserman asked why we felt the playbook was needed and what marketers […]

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