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360i Report: Online Food & Photo Sharing Trends

360i Point of View on Online Food & Photo Sharing Trends Overview There is so much emphasis on monitoring and analyzing written communication across the web and in social media. Online listening has become a standard for many companies and brands, but what is the next frontier? What are we missing? Photos that consumers upload […]

360i Report: The IAB’s Rising Stars Ad Units

360i Point of View on The Next Generation of Display Advertising Overview According to eMarketer and the IAB, marketers are spending only 5% to 7% of their measured media budgets on online display. Although most brand advertisers have been slow to shift dollars, display advertising isn’t dying. In fact, online display spending is projected to […]

360i Report: What’s Next 2011

Overview Predicting what’s on the horizon for an industry as dynamic as digital can be a daunting task. Platforms emerge, technologies evolve and strategies shift — but which trends are at the heart of these changes? In this report, we’ve tapped the collective intellect of the 360i team and identified ten central themes for marketers […]

360i Report: Digital Coupons

360i Point of View on Digital Coupons Overview It’s not uncommon to see coupon redemption rates rise during a recession, but recently there has been significant growth and innovation in the market for digital and mobile coupons. In 2010, the use of digital coupons by manufacturers grew 60% according to Kantar Media Group; however digital […]

AOL Project Devil’s Larger Ad Format Revolutionizes, While It Underwhelms

AOL’s new ad unit grants marketers with more opportunities to integrate rich media (via WSJ). Today, AOL is expected to roll out its already leaked “Project Devil” (see the WSJ article that leaked it here), which launches new advertising opportunities within AOL. The media company is touting the concept as being about more than just […]