17 Highlights from 360i’s 2012 Marketing Summit

September 17, 2012

360i just wrapped up its 2012 Marketing Summit, with the theme Navigating Disruption: Transformative Marketing in the Digital Age. Books could be written from the steady stream of insights and wisdom shared throughout the day.

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Here are 17 of the highlights from the speakers who presented:

1. Navigating disruption requires three steps: understand your environment, create a point of differentiation, and make things happen. – Bryan Wiener, CEO, 360i / Tweet This

2. For organizations to effectively deal with changing environments and paradigms, they need to instill a shared consciousness and purpose. This facilitates “speed of trust,” where trust can spread rapidly throughout a company. – David Silverman, CEO, The McChrystal Group, with Retired Lt. Gen. John Vines and Jim Lyski, CMO, ScottsMiracle-Gro / Tweet This

3. Good organizational design can’t guarantee success, but bad organizational design can guarantee failure. – Lt. Gen. John Vines, as quoted by Bryan Wiener / Tweet This

4. Ubiquitous mobile access combined with massive social media adoption has completely upended how brands must handle customer service. – Patrick Farrell, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Enterprise Holdings / Tweet This

5. There’s no need for brands to jump on the startup bandwagon. By using set criteria, brands can find startups and new technologies that fit with their goals. – David Berkowitz, VP Emerging Media, 360i, kicking off a session with startups Quirky, Tapad and StarStar / Tweet This

6. Three tips for brand storytelling: 1) Relevance, relevance, relevance. 2) Engage story “lieutenants.” 3) Amplify and optimize. – Erica Rendall, Sr. Brand Manager, Oscar Mayer (with a focus on the new Bacon Barter program) / Tweet This

7. Three more tips for brand storytelling: 1) Put your consumer first and integrate with what they already like. 2) Be current. 3) Infuse humor and have fun. – Tracey Benitz, Senior Brand Manager, Dentyne Gum (discussing Dentyne’s video series, Split2Fit Shorts) / Tweet This

8. “The best storytelling often starts with listening.” – Erica Zubriski, VP of Brand Play Marketing, Fisher-Price / Tweet This

9. There’s no stand-alone Super Bowl for social media or digital media, but the Super Bowl isn’t just about TV anymore either. The greatest successes in digital media tend to be truly multichannel, with heavy support from and integration with traditional media. – Stuart Elliott, Advertising Columnist, The New York Times, and Abbey Klaassen, Editor, Advertising Age / Tweet This

10. “Find relevance or die.” – Scott Gulbransen, Director of Social Business Strategy, H&R Block / Tweet This

11. Mobile devices fill the gaps – such as when one’s at a red light or in an elevator. That means people are using media almost constantly throughout the day. – Patrick Albano, Vice President of Social, Mobile and Innovation Sales, Yahoo! / Tweet This

12. Fear is a constant. Embrace and welcome it. – Kumar Doshi, Global Creative Services, Microsoft Advertising / Tweet This

13. Measure the COI – cost of inaction. This comes up often with mobile marketing, when brands don’t assess the full value of mobile programs beyond the immediate clicks and interactions. It’s especially striking because mobile influences $159 billion in offline sales, according to Deloitte. – Brian McDevitt, Head of Media Solutions, Brand, Google / Tweet This

14. Encourage a remix culture, and create a fail forward approach in your organization. – David Shing, Digital Prophet, AOL / Tweet This

15. We’re always afraid of new technologies – this ‘technochondria’ constantly emerges. There’s nothing to fear; we just have to tell stories differently. – Nick Bilton, Columnist & Lead Writer, The New York Times Tweet This

16. “Best does not win. Easiest wins. Always.”  Bob Pittman, CEO, Clear Channel / Tweet This

17. “Everybody talks.” – Neon Trees, as performed at the Summit after-event

Thanks to all our speakers for taking so much time preparing and then spending the day with us. We look forward to continuing to learn from all of them, and we will share more of their insights here in the months and years ahead.