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360i and Temp Tee Help Passover Celebrants Combat #MatzahFatigue

March 12, 2013

Every spring the Jewish community celebrates Passover, and every year the same problem is presented: how do you turn matzah — a staple alternative for the holiday — into an enjoyable, delectable food option?

Many would confess that it’s a real challenge. After all, matzah is unleavened bread made of only flour and water. Online listening and some nimble qualitative research revealed that matzah starts to feel bland after just three days. Several days of Passover means several days of sameness. You’re a matzah champ on days one and two, but by day three you’re tired of the same ol’ solutions and ready for a change.  People call it #passoverproblems on Twitter, and last year there were 2.4K organic mentions of the hashtag during the holiday period.

This consumer insight laid the foundation for a new campaign we’ve launched with client Temp Tee Whipped Cream Cheese, a staple in kosher households and a Passover favorite. The goal: raise awareness for the brand among a target audience of #matzahfatigue sufferers and position the brand as an antidote.

By enlisting the help of Jamie Geller, the influential Kosher Cookbook author, blogger and general Matzah Maverick, we’re helping Temp Tee show consumers how its cream cheese can wholly transform matzah into a tasty creation. Leading up to Passover, Jamie and Temp Tee will arm the community with mouthwatering recipes designed to remedy the several days of sameness, by giving moms new ways to fight matzah fatigue during the Passover holiday.

Through a new video series, Jamie will share with the community how she and her family get over the third-day Passover hump by getting creative in the kitchen with Temp Tee. Her creative solutions for simple Passover meals will be accessible via her blog, media network and social channels.

For more cooking videos and ideas, check out the Joy of Kosher YouTube channel and be on the lookout for 50 original Kosher for Passover recipes on, as well as an exclusive e-book featuring a selection of 20-25 of the Temp Tee recipes and pictures.

Join us in the fight against matzah fatigue and share your creative Temp Tee ideas using #matzahfatigue on Twitter and via Instagram and Pinterest.

Cover Photo via Flickr