360i Launches Amazon Marketing Capability

October 3, 2017

Today, 360i is excited to announce our dedicated Amazon Marketing capability, designed to help brands capitalize on change in an increasingly Amazon-dominated world. 360i’s unique roots in brand strategy, discovery and e-commerce optimization position it to help brands harness opportunities to develop trusted personalized relationships both on and off Amazon. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Developing integrated marketing strategies to be successful on Amazon and/or via a brand’s wholly owned properties
  • Driving discovery and performance on via both paid media and organic optimization
  • Developing voice-interface solutions that help brands be present and relevant with Alexa

“Amazon has long been referred to as a ‘sleeping giant’, but there’s no ignoring the impact it’s already had on how consumer goods brands operate in the e-commerce and retail spaces,” said 360i CEO Sarah Hofstetter. “As Amazon continues to disrupt shopping behaviors and upend consumer expectations, brands and their partners face a critical opportunity to take control of their commerce destiny on and off the platform.”

This e-commerce marketing offering builds on 360i’s rich history of pioneering marketing capabilities that anticipate market and consumer demands—just as it has done time and again, first with search and then with social. When Google redefined how consumers searched 360i was there to help brands get discovered, and when Facebook revolutionized how consumers engaged through social 360i was there to help brands connect with them. Now as Amazon redefines the e-commerce landscape, 360i is guiding clients towards what marketing success on Amazon looks like. 360i’s Amazon marketing capability is underpinned by the industry’s number one search and discovery practice as well as deep e-commerce performance experience.

“360i is uniquely qualified to guide brands through the challenges Amazon presents. When change like this happens, brands will look for a specialized partner who can adapt, lead and capitalize,” said Sarah, “With strong roots in consumer discovery and engagement, we’re very excited to delve into this new territory and formally bring this offering to market.”

Will Margaritis, formerly the AVP of e-Commerce Strategy and Operations at L’Oréal, joins 360i to lead the new capability. In this role, Will will help brands unify and optimize their e-commerce strategy across all platforms, building tools, analytics, and marketing plans to deliver sales and increase volume and revenue on Amazon and other e-Retailer platforms.

Leading up to formal launch of this capability, the agency has released first-of-its-kind proprietary insights with “Voice Search Monitor” (VSM), which aims to reverse engineer the algorithms behind key marketplace voice technologies, like Amazon’s Alexa, in order to better understand how these voice agents are communicating back to consumers. Testing to date has asked each device 15,000 questions, diving deep into the travel, finance and automotive verticals, with plans to explore more sectors soon. VSM is one of the many proprietary tools that will equip and guide the Amazon-oriented practice.

Read more about the new practice in Adweek.

If you’re interested in learning more about working with 360i on your Amazon marketing strategy, reach out to