360i Launches Digital Rolodex to Manage 10,000+ Influencer Relationships

April 15, 2013

As brands are constantly competing for the attention of consumers, they must find a way to enter the conversation in an organic way. One of the ways to achieve this is through partnerships with digital influencers that align with your brand or campaign.

These influencers are often enlisted to help spread a brand’s message to the right people – whether it is as simple as blogging about their personal experiences with a brand or as large-scale as signing on for a full-blown photo-sharing partnership. For instance, we’ve partnered with influencers on a number of campaigns for major brands such as UGG Australia®, Oxygen and National Car Rental.

As a result of years of investing in a personal approach, we are now managing more than 10,000 influencer relationships and growing. Keeping track of everyone’s information is no small feat – especially across an entire influencer marketing team.

That’s why we are happy to announce the launch of our own Influencer Relationship Management System. 360iRMSTM is an ever-expanding platform that we’re now using to more efficiently create, activate and measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns. Of course, the objective here is to help brands reach and engage influencers that will, in turn, move the needle for our brands’ businesses. Given the sheer number of influencers out there in today’s world, this technology sheds light on the fact that there must be a process in place that ensures the right influencers are contacted for a specific campaign.

Simply put, 360iRMS can be thought of as a digital rolodex. It enables our influencer marketing team to quickly access details on thousands of influencers – all in one central place. An extensive tracking system allows us to cross reference data and contact points – helping us efficiently identify the right people whose editorial content, social reach and influence matches our clients’ needs. And that’s not all. The system provides even greater value to influencers through a deeper understanding of their partnership preferences.

One of the most attractive features of the technology is that it’s searchable based on detailed information such as influencers’ biographical backgrounds, social footprints, editorial reach, online conversations, and types of content shared – not to mention prior history with 360i and its clients’ brands. The platform is also used to automate the tracking of influencer marketing performance – pulling real-time metrics such as brand sentiment, social shares, and both earned and organic media impressions. And as you can see below, 360iRMS automatically compiles all conversations and posts in real-time to display conversion charts that help track coverage and social conversation throughout the course of a campaign.

And this isn’t the end. We’ll soon introduce enhancements to the system that will continue to strengthen the relationships we have with our influencer partners in the weeks, months and years to come.

Cover photo via Flickr.