360i Launches #EqualVoices to Amplify Voices of Those Who Can’t March or Strike

March 6, 2017

Today, 360i is proud to launch #EqualVoices, an initiative conceived by a pair of female creatives that aims to show solidarity with those who can’t afford to or are unable to participate in the ‘A Day Without a Woman’ activities on March 8 for International Women’s Day.



When ‘A Day Without a Woman’ was first announced, 360i’s Melissa Stammer and Amy Werblin considered the possibilities. The movement was calling for women to take the day off work in order to demonstrate the value that women add to America’s socio-economic system, as well as rally march and gather in cities across the country. At 360i all voices are equal. As Werblin explains, “The people that benefit most from this message are the ones that make the largest sacrifice in participating.” Stammer adds, “The truth is the majority of women in this country can’t afford to take the day off work, or might not have a job to come back to if they did. Their voice is not equal.”

And so, the pair came up with an idea. The employees of 360i – in their privileged position – could lend their voices to those who will not be heard from on March 8.

Starting today, 360i will be collecting the stories of the women who are not in a position to participate and dedicating our website and channels to their voices. Then on March 8, employees of 360i will join ‘A Day Without a Woman’ activities across the country, striking, marching or rallying for the people who cannot, carrying signs that bear their names.

We encourage you to spread the #EqualVoices message and share your or someone else’s story, so all voices can be heard. You can follow all the stories here, we’ll be updating throughout the week.

Remember, we won’t be at equality until we are ALL at equality.