360i & Mashable Partner to Bring Velocity to Brand Marketers

June 10, 2014

We’re thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Mashable that will allow 360i to become the first company to gain access to Mashable’s Velocity platform, a technology that predicts and tracks the viral lifecycle of digital media content.

The flagship collaboration marks the first time that Mashable has provided an external source access to Velocity. Together, 360i and Mashable will demonstrate how Velocity can be used as a business and marketing intelligence tool to give marketers new insight into how consumers discover and share content, and inform how brands strategically and creatively engage their audiences across earned, owned and paid media.

Velocity scours the social web, collecting data around the behavior of people engaging with digital media content and feeding it into the company’s predictive engine to forecast what content is about to go viral. The tool has already been put to work by Mashable’s editorial team, allowing them to cover and curate emerging stories hours before competing outlets.

As part of the partnership, a cross-disciplinary team at 360i will explore how predictive insights and viral trends can guide various facets of a marketer’s arsenal, including social media strategy and content creation, paid social media and search, and influencer marketing. As a result, brands will gain actionable insights to help them create content and paid media strategies to resonate in the right places, at the right times and with the right messages.

360i will have exclusive access to Velocity’s custom dashboard, giving the agency the same information and insight that drives Mashable’s editorial team, as well as the ability to consult with Mashable’s product and content development teams.

The only thing that is certain for marketers is change, which is why 360i constantly tests and builds new technologies to help advance our clients’ business goals. Velocity’s predictive capabilities will arm our team with insight into what’s new and what’s next, empowering us to develop and promote content with greater impact.

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