360i Press Release: 360i Launches Influencer Marketing Technology to Fuel Next Generation of Online PR

April 15, 2013

NEW YORK (APRIL 15, 2013) — Today digital agency 360i announced the launch of its proprietary Influencer Relationship Management System, 360iRMSTM. 360iRMS is a searchable platform that houses rich information about more than 10,000 influencers. The database is designed to help brands more efficiently create and activate influencer marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness, allowing marketers to better engage influencers and ultimately drive greater business results.

“360iRMS is a first-of-its-kind digital rolodex that allows our team to quickly access detailed information on thousands of influencers in one central place,” said Rebecca McCuiston, Vice President of Influencer Marketing at 360i. “By enabling our team to cross reference data and contact points via an extensive email tracking system, the tool allows us to more efficiently identify the right people whose editorial content, social reach and influence matches our clients’ needs — while also offering even greater value to influencers by helping us gain a deeper understanding of their partnership preferences.”

With 360iRMS, the agency can quickly identify relevant influencers for a brand or campaign via an ever-expanding platform that is searchable by way of detailed information such as influencers’ biographical backgrounds, social footprints, editorial reach, online conversations, and types of content shared, as well as prior history with 360i and its clients’ brands. The platform is also used to automate the tracking of influencer marketing performance — pulling real-time metrics such as brand sentiment, social shares, and both earned and organic media impressions. Furthermore, the platform automatically compiles all conversations and posts in real-time to create and display a conversion chart that helps track coverage and social conversation during the course of a campaign.


360i recently employed 360iRMS for Alamo Rent A Car’s “Get to Know Alamo” campaign. “360i continues to impress us with its ability to develop and maintain strong influencer relationships on behalf of our brand,” said Alamo Brand Publicity Manager Meghan Maguire. “The 360iRMS tool enhanced its team’s ability to quickly identify and secure the right influencers for our campaign, while also providing us with more detailed, robust reporting to help effectively illustrate the success of our outreach efforts.”