360i Press Release: 360i Unveils Digital Nervous System

April 28, 2014

Data-Driven Recommendation Engine Reverse Engineers Quality Score to Drive Better Search Performance
NEW YORK — Today digital agency 360i announced the launch of its proprietary Digital Nervous System, DNSTM. DNS is a cutting-edge technology platform that monitors the health of paid search marketing campaigns and reverse engineers Quality Score to automatically make recommendations that increase performance and reduce search advertising costs. Through a combination of performance dashboards and optimization tools, DNS can help marketers make adjustments that give search campaigns significant lift, such as more tailored copy or more tightly themed ad groups.
“There are already scores of optimization tools that enable teams to work faster, but what was missing was a technology that unlocks Quality Score — the central nervous system of Google’s auction — to discover the thousands of small, incremental ways for marketers to drive big performance gains as search continues to mature,” said 360i President Jared Belsky. “DNS is not just an optimization engine, it’s a real-time recommendation engine that is giving marketers a new competitive advantage.”
Marketers spend billions of dollars in the Google auction each year, but they still only have a vague understanding of the most important element of the auction itself – Quality Score. Similar to your personal credit score, with Quality Score, marketers have little information about the right timing, ratios or cause and effect. Even with all of the data that can be collected with Google Analytics or AdWords, Quality Score remains both mysterious and closely tied to how marketers pay for performance.

DNS helps resolve this by running data through proprietary algorithms that are tailored to a brand’s specific goals and calculating a health score based on metrics such as click-through rate, landing page relevance, creative messaging and keyword optimization. At any time, a marketer can see how a campaign is performing and can make improvements based on health score diagnostics like under-performing keywords, ad groups and creative.
Added Belsky, “At the same time, with a smarter technology solution, we can shift the allocation of our talent, time and resources from day-to-day research and monitoring, to focusing on continuously advancing our clients’ marketing strategies and hitting their goals.”

The DNS complements existing talent and technologies with an added technological layer that can evaluate a brand’s overall search health score and performance in real time. This helps identify why Quality Score or ROI changes, and more importantly, provides recommendations about how to quickly adjust a campaign. Already, 360i clients like Norwegian Cruise Line are seeing results and improvements in their search marketing performance.

Rob Casas, Vice President, eCommerce for Norwegian stated: “360i continues to move the needle for search marketers, and this couldn’t be more evident than with DNS, which enables us to achieve better results by making smarter decisions about where we invest and how we adjust campaigns. This innovative technology simplifies search marketing by helping us focus on the areas that matter most for building our customer base and taking our marketing to the next level.”

While DNS is initially focused on search marketing, it is designed for further adoption that will enable 360i to evaluate a brand’s performance across paid and earned media channels by utilizing accurate and timely data. This innovative technology builds on 360i’s longstanding heritage as a pioneer in search marketing. In 2012, 360i was named a Leader in Forrester Research’s WAVE report evaluating agencies with top search marketing practices (The Forrester Wave™: Search Marketing Agencies, Q4 2012).

“Product development is deeply rooted in 360i’s mission to produce client results informed by accurate and timely data, and DNS is just one way we are using technology to create expert, specialized solutions that simplify the complexities of digital marketing,” said Belsky.