360i Press Release: Mashable and 360i Form Strategic Partnership to Bring Mashable’s Velocity Technology to Brand Marketers

June 10, 2014

Flagship collaboration to combine Mashable’s digital media tracking and viral prediction platform with 360i’s expertise in guiding brands’ earned, owned and paid media

NEW YORK — June 10, 2014 — Mashable, the leading media company for the Connected Generation, and leading agency 360i today announced a strategic partnership for 360i to become the first company to gain exclusive access to Mashable’s Velocity platform, a technology that predicts and tracks the viral life cycle of digital media content.
The partnership marks the first time that Mashable has provided an external source access to Velocity. The companies will work together to demonstrate how Velocity can be used as a business and marketing intelligence tool to give marketers new insight into how consumers discover and share content, and inform how brands strategically and creatively engage their audiences through earned, owned and paid media.
“Mashable continues to thrive at the intersection of media and technology. Velocity’s proprietary algorithm affords both our readers and brand partners the ability to see what digital content is going viral next — keeping them ahead of the curve and competition,” said Robyn Peterson, Chief Technology Officer of Mashable.
Developed by Mashable’s in-house product team, Velocity scours the social web, collecting data around the behavior of people engaging with digital media content and feeding it into the company’s predictive engine to forecast what content is about to go viral. Ongoing advancements to the proprietary technology have allowed Mashable editors and reporters to cover and curate emerging stories hours before competing outlets, helping them continue to break records for the site. Mashable is now ready to unveil Velocity for brand marketers.
“We’re combining Mashable’s revolutionary tech-driven forecasting model with 360i’s deep understanding of marketers’ business challenges and how to forge new technologies and platforms, to help brands break through in a very cluttered and fragmented universe of content,” said Sarah Hofstetter, CEO, 360i.
360i will explore how predictive insights and viral trends can guide social media strategy and content creation, paid social and search, and influencer marketing. The new partnership will result in actionable insights that help brands create content and paid media strategies to resonate in the right places, at the right times, with the right messages. Velocity will also provide new ways to measure content marketing performance across different networks and platforms, to inform how marketers make social media planning and buying decisions.
“We’re very excited to partner with 360i, which has consistently been a leader in utilizing cutting edge technology to bring the best possible value to world-class brands across a wide array of industries,” said Seth Rogin, Chief Revenue Officer of Mashable. “This partnership signifies how next-generation digital media and tech companies can effectively partner with forward-thinking agencies to meet the ever-evolving needs of brands and their target audiences with a perfect blend of art and science.”
360i, which works with clients such as Oreo, Hanes and HBO, will initially have exclusive access to Velocity’s custom dashboard, giving the agency the same information and insight that drives Mashable’s editorial team, as well as the ability to consult with Mashable’s product and content development teams. The agency will bring together a cross-disciplinary team to explore the potential of Velocity for brand marketers.
Hofstetter added, “The only thing that is certain for marketers is change, which is why we are constantly testing and building new technology innovations that can advance our clients’ business goals. Velocity’s predictive capabilities are like a crystal ball, giving us a glimpse into the future that can help us make content with higher impact.”

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