360i Summit: Reimagine Content & Context with Spotify’s Seth Farbman

October 23, 2015

This is the final post of our 360i Summit blog series on the themes and takeaways from the 2015 360i Marketing Leadership Summit.

At this year’s event, we explored how to “Reimagine (Almost) Everything,” and learned how some of the world’s leading marketers and media companies are navigating change and shaping the future of our industry as it moves from being TV-led to digitally led.


In our closing keynote, Spotify’s CMO, Seth Farbman, discussed how discovery is the real currency for Spotify as consumers are looking for new ways to find and connect to music, and the responsibility of delivering content in a way that makes people’s lives better.

What We Learned:

  • Be audacious in a competing marketplace: Seth discussed how Spotify thinks about its competition differently. It’s easy to say that other brands are the actual competition, but the competition for Spotify really is its consumers – getting their attention or time because anyone can compete for it. Marketers need to give people a path and purpose that is more meaningful to them, and once they remove that connection barrier, they can leverage their currency and use it to help people – just as Spotify did with the knowledge that its consumers really value discovery.


  • Simplify user experiences to help users find what’s right for them: Be useful and honest in marketing because if consumers find your message meaningful and valuable, they will let you know, and do so in real time. Seth shared different ways Spotify reminded people there is value in its platform, and how doing so made it easier for consumers to understand the platform, ultimately creating intent and becoming a trusted brand.
  • Personalization is the key to discovery: Today, marketers have the immense opportunity to be contextually relevant and personalize their messaging as retargeting and personalization are reductive. Seth explained how you have to use the data and technology available to you to predict what the consumer does next, and give the consumer ideas before they even ask for them. Data and technology bring discovery to a passionate place, and help a brand become incredibly valuable to the consumer.

By reimaging their approaches to content and context – by being bold, simplifying the experience and making it personal – marketers can break through the noise and create meaningful value to make people’s lives betters.


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