360i Summit: Reimagine Programmatic with Joanna O’Connell

October 22, 2015

This is the fifth post of our 360i Summit blog series on the themes and takeaways from the 2015 360i Marketing Leadership Summit. For a preview of the posts to follow, please view our teaser post, “The Top 10 Highlights from 360i’s Marketing Leadership Summit.”

At this year’s event, we explored how to “Reimagine (Almost) Everything,” and learned how some of the world’s leading marketers and media companies are navigating change and shaping the future of our industry as it moves from being TV-led to digitally led.


You can’t read an advertising trade publication without coming across the word “programmatic” strewn throughout. Programmatic this, programmatic that… hell, even programmatic TV now. The force this word has created is undeniable but many use the term without truly understanding the intricacies.

In her session, Joanna O’Connell explained what the intricacies are around programmatic and highlighted what marketers need to know about this buzzworthy marketing term.

Programmatic is disrupting the way in which media is bought and sold. This is a good thing for marketers. All the biggest brands and publishers are transacting programmatically and the types of transaction capabilities have become more sophisticated. Now, more than ever, marketers are closer to their customers and can tailor their messages accordingly. They are also able to have more intelligent conversations with publishers about honing in on the exact impressions they want to buy.

What We Learned:

  • Programmatic is complicated, but don’t let that deter you. Finding the right partner that understands you and your business is what marketers should focus on. Your partner will help you navigate through the tech ecosystem and all the acronyms.
  • Programmatic Marketing is a fundamental shift. Don’t just think of programmatic as a way of buying; it’s a way to execute your entire marketing plan. The principles of programmatic – automation, data-driven, machine decisioning – are the bedrock of the future of marketing.
  • Data Scientists need to be part of a marketer’s team. Marketers should own their data and understand what’s important to the organization. Don’t build the platforms; build the models powering the media buying decisions.
  • One-to-one relationships need creative support. Reaching audiences more intelligently is only part of the battle; you need the right creative and messages for the right audiences. Marketers should think about creating multiple versions of creative, and then they must be mindful to not serve an ad featuring a product that a consumer just purchased.


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