360i Summit: Reimagine Search, Influencer Marketing & Paid Social

October 23, 2015

This is the sixth post of our 360i Summit blog series on the themes and takeaways from the 2015 360i Marketing Leadership Summit. For a preview of the posts to follow, please view our teaser post, “The Top 10 Highlights from 360i’s Marketing Leadership Summit.”

At this year’s event, we explored how to “Reimagine (Almost) Everything,” and learned how some of the world’s leading marketers and media companies are navigating change and shaping the future of our industry as it moves from being TV-led to digitally led.


In three panel breakout presentations, leading marketers from Capital One, Cox Automotive, RentPath, Simply Beverages, Pernod Ricard USA and Spotify took the stage to reimagine search, influencer marketing and paid social with us.

Reimagine Search
In this panel breakout presentation, Yogi Jashnani, Senior Director at Capital One and Jessica Stafford, VP of Consumer Marketing & Creative Services at Cox Automotive, discussed using search to capture signals from consumers and leverage those learnings elsewhere.


What We Learned:

  • Search is a transparent consumer driven platform that provides a pure measure of consumer intent – which in turn is a useful indicator of industry direction and performance.
  • Front-end insights from search can be paired with back-end performance data to build consumer intent models that fuel strategies for other channels and tactics.
  • Marketers can leverage unique, but complimentary, approaches for different devices to meet differing consumer needs; they need to understand how those strategies perform individually as well as holistically.

Reimagine Influencer Marketing
Niccole Schreck, Senior Brand Manager at RentPath and Megan Stroud, Brand Manager at Simply Beverages, discussed how influencer marketing can help marketers reach new audiences in an authentic manner with their messages.

Influencer Marketing

What We Learned:

  • When selecting an influencer partner, consider how your target audience maps to the influencer’s brand and content.
  • Provide your influencer with content guidelines and talking points, but don’t kill the creativity or authenticity – you can leverage good content on other channels.
  • Take time to find the right partner that will be engaged and responsive.

Reimagine Paid Social
For the paid social panel breakout presentation, André Marciano, Director of Media and Integrated Communication at Pernod Ricard USA and Joshua Karpf, Director of Social Marketing at Spotify, discussed audience segmentation strategies and how they are core to the success of paid social campaigns.


What We Learned:

  • Personalized messaging works best, but if you go too granular it can be hard to scale a campaign.
  • Segments should be aligned with platforms and content to garner insights.
  • Take cues from consumers regarding which platforms to invest in and don’t be afraid to be an early adopter if the audience base is there.


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