Adweek’s Social Confidential: How Sour Patch Kids’ ‘No-Rules’ Approach Hypnotizes and Delights Fans

February 1, 2022

Sour Patch Kids, everyone’s favorite sweet-sour candy, has taken social by storm. Soon after making Gen Z dreams come true with an Olivia Rodrigo collab that all began with a Tweet, the brand blew past one million followers to become the most popular snack brand on TikTok. How did they do it? 

Adweek recently caught up with 360i Social Strategist Shelby Jacobs to find out, as part of the Social Confidential video series that looks behind the logo to find out who is tweeting and sharing for major brands. Shelby dished on SPK’s most popular TikTok, the sweetest part of her job, her advice for fellow brand managers on social, and more. 

Head to Adweek to hear more about the strategy that launched SPK to 1.4 million followers.