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Cracker Barrel Launches New Site Tapping into Social Testimonials

June 5, 2013

CRACKER BARREL, a Kraft Foods brand, has teamed up with 360i to launch a brand new mobile-responsive website. The redesign comes at the perfect time, as the brand is expanding nationally. Prior to last year, CRACKER BARREL was found mostly on the East Coast – but of late the brand has expanded its U.S. footprint. The new website serves as the vehicle to introduce award-winning CRACKER BARREL cheese to new markets in the Midwest and on the West Coast.

The re-design is firmly rooted in insights derived from the CRACKER BARREL Facebook page, which launched before the brand website. We saw how much fans of CRACKER BARREL loved this product (CRACKER BARREL is one of the highest engaged CPG brands on Facebook) and often shared emotional stories about how CRACKER BARREL is a part of their lives. Marrying that with the finding that customers trust online reviews 12 times more than descriptions from brands, our strategy centered on consumer testimonials – using current and new fans of CRACKER BARREL to demonstrate their cheese expertise and share their love with friends and family out west.

As such, from the first page, CRACKER BARREL asks visitors to “Be the Judge” – taking them to a page where they can offer their Facebook reviews on the product or see other consumers’ stories. And for the new consumer, CRACKER BARREL takes the extra step to create valuable, helpful content, sharing tips on what unexpected ingredients to pair with the cheese (artichoke hearts – who would’ve thought?) and a downloadable guide that explains the 5 S’s of expert cheese tasting.

Visit the new CRACKER BARREL site to explore and judge the cheese for yourself.