Exploring the Online Landscape – 2012 and Beyond

September 27, 2011

At 360i’s Digital Marketing Summit, AOL, Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft presented on Exploring the Online Landscape: 2012 and Beyond. Here are some highlights.

Michael Learmonth, Digital Editor, Advertising Age
Tim Castelli, SVP of Sales – Eastern Region, AOL
Mark Ellis, Vice President, North American Field Sales, Yahoo!
David Bryant, Creative Strategist, Google
Rick Song, General Manager – Eastern Region, Microsoft

AOL: Tim Castelli, SVP Sales – Eastern US Region

-Engaged people are more likely to buy your stuff. – 360i CEO Bryan Wiener
-Content is the best way to engage people.
-AOL launched Project Devil because the web wasn’t great for brand marketers, or consumers.
-Launched new units such as Window Shopper – encourage shopping without leaving the site, and Creative Optimization – better incorporation of your images into its ads.

David Bryant, Creative Strategist, Google

-Introducing the “Human Operationg System” – interfacing very well with other humans
-We’re still physical. We are making technology more compatible with us. Humans become more abstract, while computers become more physical. We like things to act like physical objects. The closer we simulate the real world, the better.
-We are social. We were sharing stories 32,000 years ago, before we read or spoke or wrote. If we had a global campfire, it would probably be YouTube. We constantly invent new ways of telling stories. See Kutiman on YouTube, for example.
-Location: we closely link location with emotional memory.

Rick Song, General Manager – Eastern Region, Microsoft

-Global creative solutions team (aka BEET – branded entertainment and experience team): build custom stories from the ground up for brands
-Ties in web, video, mobile, Xbox
-Kinect: fastest selling consumer device in history (10MM devices in 4 months). Average Xbox Live user spends 60 hours a month on it, and 40% is non-gaming. Big focus on voice controls, which are extending into the ads. In time, it should extend into live TV viewing directly through the Xbox. The tile experience will mirror the Windows Phone tiles. Bing search will be closely integrated.
-NUI Ads – Natural User Interface: see an ad on Xbox, say “tweet this,” and it goes right to your feed. Say “Xbox near me” and it can find local stores in your neighborhood, or get a text to your phone. This has the potential to change TV advertising.

Mark Ellis, Vice President, North American Field Sales, Yahoo!

-Billing itself as the premier digital media company.
-Leading properties: #1 in News, Sports, TV, Finance, Mail, Shopping, Real Estate, Messenger, Autos, etc
-Yahoo royal wedding coverage: 20 million unique US users, 1 billion pageviews. Tent pole events are a big focus as they keep setting new records in the audience.
-Personalized content: Content Optimization Relevancy Engine (CORE) – serving 13 million variations of the homepage a day
* Original video programming – Yahoo produces 9 of top original video programs, launching more this fall. Yahoo Screen launching to build on that.
* Connected everywhere – TV, phone, tablets, PCs. Next gen news stand for iPad – Livestand. Uses CORE. Focus on IntoNow.
* Social discovery and discussion: Social version of Yahoo News, with deep Facebook integration.