Find 360i @ Programmatic I/O, IAB Audio Day, Social Media Week and More

March 30, 2018

Month to month, you pretty much know where to find us – we’re getting the scoop on blockchain in New York, preparing for campaign launches in Chicago, recruiting media managers in Los Angeles and planning for our summer bar cart theme in Atlanta. But what about when we leave the office and take our insights and expertise to the stage? To ensure you don’t miss out on our various speaking engagements in April, we’ve organized all of them for you below in a nice little list.

This month, hear from our CEO, New York President, and Head of Programmatic as they take the stage to share their POVs on everything from creating accountability in Influencer Marketing to optimizing compensation modeling for innovation, and how marketers should be integrating voice technology.

360i Head of Programmatic Kolin Kleveno @Programmatic I/O: Using Programmatic To Amplify Influencer Marketing

Tuesday, April 10
3:25PM PT
San Francisco, CA

Kolin takes the stage with DSW’s Digital Media Manager Allison Holbrook to reveal how programmatic can amplify influencer content. Attendees can expect to learn how to make every influencer dollar more accountable.

360i Account Director Lauren Fuller @4A’s Accelerate: Disrupting the Launch Sequence

Tuesday, April 10
9:15-9:45AM ET
Miami, FL

In today’s marketing world, getting in front of the right people at the right time has never been harder. Brands must disrupt the norm in order to break through the clutter. Lauren will take the stage joined by leaders from Sonos, Twitter, and Spark Foundry.

360i New York President Abbey Klaassen @IAB Audio Strategies Day:  Smart Speakers: Audio’s Creative Opportunity

Thursday, April 12
1:30-5pm ET 
New York, NY

Brands and agencies alike will gather at IAB Audio Day to discuss audio opportunities for smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Abbey will participate in a panel joined by Hearts & Science’s Zachary Treuhaft and NPR’s Meg Goldthwaite.

360i New York President Abbey Klaassen @Social Media Week New York What Will The Agencies of the Future Do Differently?

Tuesday, April 24
2:45-3:25 ET
New York, NY

An increasingly competitive landscape and tightening brand budgets have put new pressures on agencies that are vying to stand out among competitors, platforms, and technologies. This panel will cover the ways agencies are evolving their businesses and their cultures to meet the needs of the modern market.

360i CEO Sarah Hofstetter @Social Media Week: Breaking Through The Sea of Sameness

Thursday, April 26
10:15AM ET
New York, NY

After growing up in a sea of sameness, the Jewish Orthodox community of Long Island, Sarah learned the importance of embracing her individuality. She’ll discuss how this mindset helped her break through the advertising community, and why the things that make us different are often our greatest assets.

360i CEO Sarah Hofstetter @ANA Financial Management: Reimagining Agency Compensation: Capitalizing on the Changing Technology Landscape

Monday, April 30
11:00AM ET
Hollywood, FL

Sarah will discuss how marketers can create compensation models for agencies and vendors that will help drive commerce and encourage innovation. She’ll share how organizations can identify growth opportunities as new technologies like Voice and AI emerge.