Hackers Star as Modern Day Superheroes in New Ubisoft Trailer for “Watch Dogs 2”

October 28, 2016

Tuesday night during the San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors game, Ubisoft premiered the official TV spot for one of this year’s most anticipated video games, Watch Dogs 2. The trailer was the result of a collaborative effort between Ubisoft, 360i and production company Platige in order to showcase the video game developer’s fresh spin on the game and position the protagonist, a hacker from Oakland, as a modern day super hero.

The main character, Marcus Holloway is a brilliant young hacker wrongly accused of a crime he didn’t commit. To take a stand and demand justice, Marcus turns to hacktivism to expose the corrupt system against him. The new spot demonstrates the power of technology as Marcus uses his smart phone to hack everything around him and show how his own super powers allow him to bend steel, see through walls and summon lightning storms. Anything a super hero can do, a hacker can do better.

The new trailer also features GTA’s new single with rapper Vince Staples, “Little Bit of This.” In case you missed the television debut, an extended version of the spot is available online and can be viewed here.

Watch Dogs 2 will be available to the public starting November 15.