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Help 360i Make the SXSW 2015 Lineup

August 13, 2014

Many have entered, but few will win. SXSW Interactive has opened up its famed PanelPicker and the time has come to vote for your favorites.

Each year, the SXSW programming committee uses a voting system to help vet panel topics for the festival, which next year will run March 13 through 17. An industry-wide popular vote will play a big role when it comes to which sessions make the mainstage – and we’d love your support in helping our sessions make the lineup.

If you’re into these session ideas below, please take a moment and vote for us in the PanelPicker. Voting is quick and easy (you’ll just need to first sign in with your SXSW account).

Going Viral: The Science of Predicting the Web
In this session, you’ll learn about Mashable’s Velocity tool and explore 360i’s partnership with Mashable to predict and track the viral lifecycle of digital content. This session is for those who want to know how to better utilize data to help anticipate the viral lifecycle of digital content, and for those who want to know how to create and curate content that resonates.

Speakers include Robyn Peterson, CTO of Mashable, and Matthew Wurst, VP, GM of Social Media at 360i.

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A Data Crash Course for Curious Minds
People everywhere cringe every time they hear it – Big Data. Analysts and rocket scientists are infiltrating our ranks, reshaping industries once reserved for the most creative and imaginative. And the D-word has taken on a life all its own. In this session, we’re bringing together a creative planner and a mathematical scientist to give data some swagger.

Speakers include Kevin Geraghty, SVP of Advanced Analytics & Reporting at 360i and Lee Maicon, SVP of Insights & Planning at 360i.

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The Alternate Universe of Celebrity
These days you don’t need a name like Kardashian, Beyoncé, Miley or LeBron to take center stage and cultivate a global following. All you need is a mobile device and a willingness to share your world with the whole world. There is an alternate universe of celebrity that is taking over the Internet and changing culture. In this session, we’ll look at what it’s like to be a digital celebrity, and how to outlive the notorious five seconds of fame.

Speakers include Rebecca McCuiston, SVP of Influencer Marketing at 360i, and a panel of digital content creators (to be announced).

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The New War Room: Real-Time Marketing on Twitter
Marketing in the moment has become an industry-wide phenomenon since Oreo’s well-timed Super Bowl tweet. Brands are increasingly utilizing “social media command centers” or “war rooms,” in which client and agency teams are monitoring real-time events, ready to pounce at the sign of a potential social hook. This panel will take a look at the best and worst examples of real-time marketing in the last year and share tips on how to create your own war room.

Speakers include: Michael Bellavia, Emmy-winning Producer & CEO of Helpsgood; Ellyn Fisher, VP of Public Relations & Social Media for The Ad Council; and Sarah Hofstetter, CEO of 360i.

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Screw Privacy, Just Give Me Value for My Data
The value exchange between consumers and brands is one of the fundamentals of modern marketing; however, there is a deficiency in the basic public understanding of data usage. Until now, the marketplace has treated the practice of gathering and analyzing big data as a trade secret. This has created an environment of standoffishness with everyday consumers. In this session, we unpack the issue of data literacy and explore the concept of data value exchange between shoppers and brands.

Speakers include: Lee Maicon, SVP of Insights & Planning at 360i and Lisa Pearson, CMO of Bazaarvoice.

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