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August 19, 2013

SXSW Interactive is one of the most anticipated new media conferences of the year, with more than 4,000 sessions currently competing for a spot at the March 2014 show. The SXSW PanelPicker plays a significant role in determining the programming for this highly competitive event – and it’s now open for public voting.

This year, we’ve got two sessions in the running that we think you’ll love. The first is “If This Campaign was a Game, Would I Play It?” led by Shankar Gupta, Strategy Director at 360i. The second is called “Why Mariah Carey is a Better Brand than You (5 Things Brands Can Learn from Musicians),” and is led by Senior Strategist Maggie Walsh.

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If This Campaign was a Game, Would I Play It?

There’s no doubt that game developers have been creating engaging experiences for a lot longer than brands have. And it’s undeniable that the motivations of gamers – achievement, competition, cooperation and immersion – strongly appeal to a millennial audience. For instance, when it comes to immersion, Skyrim offers a massive world for players to explore for hundreds of hours.

So why can’t brands follow suit? Some brands have in fact jumped on the bandwagon, such as how The Hunger Games’ in-universe Web sites immersed fans in the world of the films and novels. More brands should think about how they can better engage their consumers by getting into the mindset of a game maker. It’s not about adding some level of gamification to marketing campaigns, but more about honing in on the same emotions that get gamers engaged with the games.

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Why Mariah Carey is a Better Brand than You (5 Things Brands Can Learn from Musicians)

Today’s musicians are more than entertainers – they’re brands damn good at generating conversation. So, what can today’s brands learn from the music scene?

  • They create fans that want to create communities. While brands are trying to develop communities, musicians are empowering fans who want to create communities on their behalf. How can a brand build real fans beyond the like button?
  • They diversify. Jay Z has diversified his roster beyond music to great success. How have brands diversified to introduce new revenue streams?
  • Their craft is their message. Musicians generally don’t have to wonder how they can be authentic given the fact that their songs and looks are their message.
  • They respond to culture. Diddy has been a part of culture for so long by responding to change. How are brands becoming more responsive to culture?
  • They’re batsh*t crazy. A healthy dose of insanity is a good thing; it keeps fans surprised.  What happens when a brand is brave enough to follow their own crazy whims?

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Cover photo via The Washington Post