Highlights from 360i’s Marketing Summit: Big Data to Big Ideas

September 19, 2013

This week, we held our 8th annual Marketing Summit at Chelsea Piers in New York. Among the day’s speakers were Dana Anderson, SVP, Marketing Strategy & Communications at Mondelēz International; Tony Pace, CMO of SUBWAY®; and David Karp, Founder & CEO of Tumblr – as well as senior marketers from the AARP, Ben & Jerry’s, Oreo, Toyota, The New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, NBC Universal and Verizon.

The conference theme, “Navigating Disruption: From Big Data to Big Ideas,” centered on ways in which marketers can leverage data to unearth insights that lead to transformative business ideas and brand strategies. Below are some of the top highlights from the conference.

In her keynote address, Dana Anderson educated attendees on “FOINK” – a term she uses to describe collaboration “at the edge of your seat.” Anderson illustrated what effective collaboration looks like (hint: it’s not the layering of ideas across several stakeholders) and argued that generosity is core to the successful merger of ideas and ideologies.



Tony Pace highlighted ways in which the world’s most ubiquitous QSR brand leverages its arsenal of “Famous Fans” in social to extend the lifespan of integrated campaigns and showcased some recent examples of the brand tapping into new audiences through culturally relevant content. Among the recent wins highlighted included “Project SUBWAY,” a campaign in which the brand tapped designers to create fashion pieces using only recycled SUBWAY material at New York Fashion Week. The effort led to tens of millions of earned media impressions and captured the attention of an entirely new audience for the brand.



David Karp, Founder & CEO of Tumblr, sat down with 360i Chairman & CEO Bryan Wiener to discuss where the platform is headed following its acquisition by Yahoo! this summer. Karp said the genesis of this company – which now boasts 300 million users – stemmed from his desire to create a platform for content creators that would not limit them to a single category or media type. He also shared advice for brands entering the space, advising them to use Tumblr to evolve and broaden their creative output in digital.



In a panel discussion that featured marketing leaders from Ben & Jerry’s, Oreo and USA Network, attendees learned how three very different brands approach “Marketing in a Real-Time World.” Sarah Hofstetter, President of 360i, said that while “real-time marketing” has been inextricably linked to Oreo’s successful “Blackout Tweet” from Super Bowl XLVII, the term should not be limited to instances of newsjacking. Instead, marketing in real-time means tapping into the cultural moments and themes that both resonate with your audience and align with your brand’s overarching mission and story.



Case studies from NBC Sports, The New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation and Toyota demonstrated how marketers are using digital to transform the ways in which consumers view and experience their brands. John Miller, CMO of NBC Universal Television Group & Head of NBC Sports Agency, discussed how changing viewership habits are influencing the way NBC approaches its Olympics strategy and provided a preview of what’s to come in Sochi this winter.



Julie Hamp, Chief Communications Officer at Toyota, presented findings from the automaker’s “Meals Per Hour” social good campaign, which touted the brand’s innovations in engineering while donating 1 million meals to Americans in need. Mark C. Romig, President & CEO of the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, shared how the city shifted 50 percent of its budget to digital to tell a deeper story of NOLA among a newly identified audience of “experiential discoverers.” New Orleans is on pace to have its best tourism year since 2004.

A panel discussion on Big Data, featuring 360i analytics lead Kevin Geraghty and representatives from the AARP and Verizon, highlighted the challenges marketers face as the amount of data at their disposal proliferates.



Geraghty emphasized that with these challenges come great opportunities to identify new business strategies (it was data, after all, that led grocers to place diapers next to beer in their stores) and better tap into the consumer voice. For example, since data correlations show that consumers search and book more tropical vacations when it’s cold outside, 360i has implemented a process that dynamically adjusts the paid search bids for a major cruise brand to align with regional temperature shifts.

The “Media Evolved” showcase brought to the stage executives from six of the biggest online properties in the game. Speaking about the role of data in media, AOL’s Jim Norton reminded attendees that “simplicity isn’t simple,” while Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist of Google+ for Brands, urged marketers to view the platform as a “social layer” across the web rather than a destination. JP Maheu, Managing Director of Global Brand & Agency Strategy at Twitter, spoke to the correlation between social buzz and TV ratings.

Additional speakers included Fabio Freyre, VP of Global Marketing Solutions, at Facebook; Patrick Albano, VP of Social & Mobile Innovation at Yahoo!; and Greg Rivera, Sr. Director of Xbox Advertising Sales at Microsoft.

To conclude the conference, Wiener noted that while shifting consumer habits have complicated the media and marketing landscape, the resulting chaos should be viewed as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. To quote Lord Baelish of HBO’s Game of Thrones: “Chaos isn’t a pit; chaos is a ladder.”

Thank you to our guest speakers and to our clients who came from all over the world to attend the conference. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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Cover photo via Adam Kerj