On International Women’s Day 360i Took Action for Those Who Couldn’t

March 13, 2017

Anna is from Texas and her boss threatened to fire her if she opted to participate in International Women’s Day strikes. Kate lives in California and couldn’t afford to cover childcare if she took the day off work. Meanwhile in Maine, Judy lives on a strict budget in an economically depressed area. She supports her household and as well as the women in the Trauma, Recovery and Empowerment group that she facilitates, she was in no position to take International Women’s Day off to strike or rally or march. The irony of last Wednesday’s activities for IWD, was that the women who would benefit most from its messaging, women like Anna, Kate and Judy, were the very ones who couldn’t afford to take action.

Last Wednesday, employees across 360i’s four offices marched, striked and rallied on behalf of these and many more women. In recognizing our own position of privilege and our organization’s unwavering belief in equality, we decided to dedicate our actions, channels and voices to women like Anna, Kate and Judy. We collected their stories on our website and blog, and then amplified their names and stories on signs that read, “I’m here for ____________ because she can’t be.”

In the end, these women’s voices, and so many others like their’s, were represented among the tens of thousands of people across the country who stood together on International Women’s Day. Read their stories here and see the outcome of 360i’s #EqualVoices campaign below: