Marketing Through Smart Speakers? Brands Don’t Need to Be Asked Twice

December 3, 2018

The New York Times took an inside look at how 360i is helping brands capitalize on change and shape the future of Voice marketing. In an article entitled “Marketing Through Smart Speakers? Brands Don’t Need to Be Asked Twice,” which appeared on the front page of the New York Times’s Business section, advertising reporter Sapna Maheshwari explores how brands are experimenting with Voice as a marketing channel, and spotlights 360i’s collaboration with client HBO.

360i President, New York Abbey Klaassen notes, “We’ve hit the point where the majority of our clients are now asking us for help with a voice strategy. It’s gone from an interesting kind of experiment to something they have recognized that they need to invest in to make sure they are discoverable and relevant in the next five years.”

Earlier this year, HBO and 360i created Westworld: The Maze, an immersive gaming skill for Amazon Alexa enabled devices that lets fans go on their own quest for consciousness. With more than 11,000 lines of script and 2 hours of unique gameplay, Westworld: The Maze is a first-of its kind full-scale voice skill that demonstrates the complexity of what’s possible on the platform. In addition to driving ongoing buzz and engagement for the Westworld franchise, the skill has picked up 15 accolades to date from Clio Awards, London International Awards, and others.

360i has long been a pioneer in the world of Voice technology. In May 2018, we published the 360i Voice Playbook, an actionable guide for marketers that shares our collective learnings from over a year of exploring and executing for Voice. The Voice Playbook covers everything from staffing for a Voice team to skill discoverability and the nuts and bolts of Voice production.

Want to learn more? Read the full New York Times piece here, and download 360i’s Voice Playbook here.