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Oreo Daily Twist Receives Highest Distinction in Facebook’s Studio Awards

April 29, 2013

We’re excited to announce that the Oreo Daily Twist campaign, an effort from 360i and Draftfcb, has taken home top honors in the 2013 Facebook Studio Awards. Oreo was the only recipient of the Blue Award – a ‘Best in Show’-like honor reserved for the top-scored campaign among thousands of entries.

The Oreo Daily Twist campaign celebrated the brand’s 100th anniversary by creating 100 pieces of social content in 100 days. To pull off the ambitious effort, brand and agency teams collaborated and operated as a newsroom would, reacting to pop culture events as they unfolded to deliver hyper-relevant and timely content to the brand’s online communities.

“Oreo, 360i and Draftfcb were successful because they had an approach that used creative talent designed around a marketing structure to keep pace with, listen to and connect with people,” said Mark D’Arcy, head of global creative solutions at Facebook. “The structure is like a current-day version of a newsroom environment and people love it—and the numbers prove its success.”

Oreo Daily Twist content received more than 1.3 million Likes over the course of the 100-day campaign, and generated 2,600 mentions in the press.

“You can’t have a conversation [with your social community] if you have to go through legal approval every time you talk to them,” said 360i president Sarah Hofstetter in Adweek. “A combination of agency partners, brand stakeholders and legal agreed on a couple different directions to develop the image and copy.”

D’Arcy noted a visible shift in entries this year from application development to a focus on compelling copywriting and imagery that tells a story in the News Feed. The Oreo Daily Twist campaign was a prime example of this approach, as Oreo was able to create a “brand newsroom,” crafting creative content that engaged its Facebook community in an unparalleled effort. This same newsroom model continued following the Daily Twist campaign, and ultimately formed the foundation of the Oreo Blackout Tweet that made waves during Super Bowl XLVII.

The Facebook Studio Awards celebrate the agencies and brands that are helping people and businesses connect. This year, Facebook received more than 1,400 entries from 59 countries around the world. Facebook’s Creative Council, comprised of 14 judges, reviewed over 200 pieces of work and awarded Blue, Gold, Silver and Bronze recognition to deserving recipients. Judging criteria was based on the social element of the work, its ability to capitalize on the creative opportunity of Facebook, its scalability and its ability to drive business results.

Cover photo via Business Insider