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OREO Launches Left Handed Cookie Pack for #LeftHandersDay

August 13, 2018

90% of the population probably doesn’t notice, but the world we live in is built for right-handed people. Today, International Left Handers Day, OREO is making sure the other 10% of the population gets some love. We partnered with OREO to give left-handers all over the country a new way to twist, lick and dunk their OREO cookies with the all-new and first-ever Left-Handed OREO pack. The specially-designed packaging opens from right to left, as opposed to regular packs that open left to right, allowing lefties everywhere to open their pack of OREO cookies with ease.

Fans can visit to sign up to be among the first recipients of these limited-edition packs, specifically designed for the 10% of the population with a dominant left hand (or just those who want to open their OREOs the “left” way). You can spread the word to all your left-handed friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and read more about the launch of Left-Handed OREOs in Bustle.